Marital Arts Day at local school

A martial arts day at your school could be a great option for you and your child to spend the day together. There are many options: Karate, Taekwondo Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Unarmed combat, and many more. Learn more about the benefits of these classes. You can also use your martial art day to learn a new skill. After you have purchased your ticket, notify your SIB to register for the class.


After years of trying to get into the program, Karate made its Olympic Games debut. The Nippon Budokan in Japan will host the sport's first major competition. This building is still considered the "spiritual centre" of the martial arts. The budokan can hold up to 15,000 people and was opened in 1964 for the Olympic Games. Today, thousands of people around the world practice karate.

The martial art originated in China and was later spread to Japan. It was originally called "the Chinese hand", but the Japanese learned how to write it in hiragana. This character resembles a sound and is a form of martial art. Literally, martial arts melbourne word hiragana means "empty hand". As a result, Karate-Do became an important part of Japanese society. Keio University was the first Japanese university to establish a karate school. The practice spread rapidly to other Japanese universities.


Taekwondo is more than just a martial art. It also helps with self-defense and fitness. It is also influenced in part by three Asian philosophical paradigms which act as a moral guide. It teaches unity, respect, as well as a commitment to personal improvement. The form's fundamental rules and principles embody the tenets in Taekwondo.

Each of these tenets includes a set standards and rules for determining rank. A first-dan might be too easy to obtain in one organization while a second dan may be too difficult in another. There may be different standards for black belt rank among organizations. This means that achieving first dan in one style might be too easy and too difficult in the other.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai training has many benefits. For beginners, it is sufficient to train at most two days per weeks. Once you feel comfortable with training, it is possible to increase the number of sessions you do. You can even increase the number of training sessions to four per week. You should train at a moderate intensity in order to gradually increase your stamina.

Soft tissue damage is the most common injury suffered in Muay Thai. Because of repeated trauma to the soft tissue during sparring matches, they are more vulnerable to damage. Because sparring and matches are played without much padding, the soft tissue is particularly susceptible to strikes. Sprains or strains are the second most frequent injury. However, they can often be prevented by proper warm-ups. A fracture is the third most frequent type of injury.

Unarmed martial arts

Unarmed Martial Arts Day recognizes that the most skilled martial artists do not use weapons daily. Although many martial artists carry equalisers, they don't brodcast them. They aren't afraid to use weapons. They are more than capable of using non-lethal methods to defend their homes. You can learn and practice unarmed martial arts on Unarmed Martial Arts Day.

Conflict has been a constant feature of human history since the beginning of time. Conflicts usually stem from differences in opinion, or a struggle for control. Early humans used primitive tools to fight and kill one another, often using their own weapons. Humans are always striving for better. We have developed martial arts to make our lives easier. There are many styles of unarmed combat.

Point shooting

You might consider adding point shooting to your martial arts practice. Point shooting is a different type of target shooting. It relies on muscle memory and can be a great way for you to learn how to safely and effectively use a firearm. But there are disadvantages to using firearms in your practice, including the fact that many people use them improperly. Doing martial arts practice will help you get the most out your point shooting drill.